History of Highcliffe House


highcliffe-houseHighcliffe House was built circa 1880 by a reputable Victorian architect/engineer, Bob Jones, who also built Lynton Town Hall and the famous water powered Cliff Railway. Originally used as a gentleman’s summer residence, its commanding position within walking distance of the town has stunning sea views across the North Devon coastline from every room that will take your breath away

The 1891 census records a retired Major General John Charley in residence together with his wife Mary and 6-month-old son and three servants, a nurse, a housemaid and a cook. We have established that Major General Charley had a distinguished military career serving with the 2nd Battalion 60th Rifles in the Afghan war from October 1878 to February 1880 and took part in the advance on and occupation of Kandahar and Khelat-i-Ghilizie where he was wounded and decorated.

In the Early part of the 1900’s the house passed to a religious charity who ran it as a retreat for Christian workers and their families and the house remained with the same family until the 1960s apart from the war years when the military were in occupation.

Mike & Karen Orchard discovered this beautiful house in 2003 and have lovingly developed it into the award winning Lynton B&B you see today.