A Self-Catering Weekend Away in Devon


AA weekend away in Devon could be exactly what you and your family need, but sometimes paying for the attractions, amusements and the meals out can cost you a little too much for such a short get-away. It’s because of the prices of local restaurants, takeaways and other places selling food that we’ve decided to provide you with a guide to catering for yourself on your weekend away in Devon.

The Basics
It’s important that whilst you’re on your weekend away you remember the basics that you can fill up on for very little; these basics include bread, butter, rice and pasta. Pasta and rice are relatively simple to cook and each of them takes very little preparation which means they are perfect if you’re spending the weekend within a fairly simple caravan or another form of accommodation.

Canned Foods
Canned foods can be stored almost anywhere and they last for a very long time; this means that you can take them with you almost anywhere and they will not go off or become stale whilst you are on your weekend away.
Common British canned goods include baked beans, ravioli and spaghetti hoops – each of these can be either microwaved or cooked on the hob and shared with your friends or family.

Premade Meals
Another easy way of catering for yourself and either your family or friends whilst you’re on holiday is to prepare each of your meals whilst you are at home and bring them with you on your trip.
These meals should be something that can be refrigerated without the risk of it becoming bad such as potato and red meat based meals.

Although you’re on a self catering weekend away this doesn’t mean that each and every meal you eat has to be made by yourself. It might be simpler if you provide your own breakfast and lunch each day but try a local restaurant each evening.
There are also plenty of cafes and snack bars in Devon that would be more than happy to serve you and your family.

If you’re not the best cook or you simply don’t enjoy preparing meals it would be wise for you to share the duty with either your partner or your friends; this way the responsibility is not placed upon one individual and the individual who hasn’t cooked can wash the dirty dishes in return.

There are many other ways in which you can plan ahead in order to cater for yourself and your family or friends whilst on a weekend in Devon. For more information on local foods and accommodation in Devon you can get in touch with us at Highcliffe House. We’d be happy to help you in any way that we can.