Cycling: Activities to do in Exmoor

So you have decided to come and visit this beautiful part of the world – our part of the world. The question is what do you do when you get here? In a series of posts we will look at the different activities on offer for everyone and hope you will find them useful, encouraging and practical. In the first of the series, we look at cycling.

In terms of cycling opportunities Exmoor has it all – views which stretch for miles across open areas and beyond, coupled with roads that have a variety of terrains which are suitable for the basic and gentle or more experienced and adventurous cyclists. Not only are there roads of different variations there are multiple routes to choose from too. Perhaps cycling on the flat is your taste, or maybe the winding country roads? If you are feeling really energetic you could even try cycling up gradients (in Exmoor the highest point is located in Dunkery – over 1500ft!) Cycling can be ‘off road’ and the area of Exmoor is perfect for this. As the picture below shows, when you are cycling in Exmoor you are never too far away from any of the above things.

Left: The cycling scenery in our area.

In Exmoor we have a number of well-known and popular cycling routes which attract more and more people each year. The West Country Way is a great example of this – linking Bristol to Land’s End. This cycling route is not for the faint hearted as it stretches such a distance, yet the reward you get for this is the changing and dynamic scenery – including that which Exmoor has to offer.   

 Probably the best advice we can give you is point you in the direction of those who know it and do it best – the cycling clubs. If you are planning a visit to Exmoor and would like to find out more about this then please contact us and we will be happy to give you further information.

Remember there are plenty of options and areas to explore. You don’t even have to bring your own cycle if you don’t want to, as many places offer the option to hire the bike, saving you the bother.

Why not look at our guest accommodation pages to find out where we are situated and the type of scenery on offer.