Latest News February 2016 – More reasons to visit

As if you did need another reason to visit our beautiful area, you now have one anyway!

It has recently been announced by the Government that two parts of our North Devon coastline are to be named MCZ’s (called Marine Conservation Zones.)

This makes the overall total rise to mean that more of our special area will be protected. Along with this, the government department responsible for granting such awards (the department for Environment, Food and Rural affairs,) has dedicated a further 23 areas up and down the country to be earmarked with this status also. Remember that we already have Lundy Island designated as an MCZ and there are plans to extend this to another phase in the near future aswell.

During 2015, it was revealed that the two ‘shortlisted’ areas in North Devon had been open to debate and discussion as to whether they would claim this honour, but this has now been followed through with the green light being given.

The new areas take well over 5,000 square miles of landscape and cover:

1) Bideford to Foreland Point, and,

2) Hartland Point to Tintagel – which stretches all the way down into Cornwall.

Looking at these more specifically:

The Bideford to Foreland Point is an area in which low tide reveals some of the incredible jewels of the place. Sediments and rocks are amongst other things which will be protected, along with wildlife such as the asspiny lobster for example. Believe it or not, this site came to the government’s attention following a collective campaign run by local residents and experts, who with their knowledge, put forward arguments in favour of making this an MCZ.

Further protected areas in North Devon









Above: The stunning Foreland Point.


The Hartland Point to Tintagel zone will also cover more rocky areas, but this time located in much deeper waters. Some of the features protected in the Bideford area will also be present here too.

The decision makes sense and we would encourage more nationwide –  including in our area. Afterall we are not a landlocked country – we are surrounded by stunning coastline home to a range of precious and rare features, and it is right that these should be protected.

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