Mountain Biking in Exmoor

Devon and specifically Exmoor is a popular place for people to undertake the fast paced and adrenaline rushing experience that is mountain biking. This is largely thanks to the terrain in the area which makes it so suitable.

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Above: Mountain biking in Exmoor in action.


Infact you will find (and find many agree) that Exmoor has some of the most difficult routes to test anyone who is into the off road experience. Not only is this a plus point, what further enhances the experience is the scenery and openness of the area which is an attraction and ‘pull factor’ for all.

For anyone considering coming to Exmoor to have a go at this activity a good starting place is having site of an ordinance survey map of the local area – this will give you information on the geography and put you in a better position for seeing where you might like to trek. Remember that Exmoor is a place which is full of beauty and natural habitats so when biking please respect this and stick to designated areas (which are normally bridleways etc.)

To prove that mountain biking is so popular in our area, during August  (and every year) a festival was held which was a sell out in 2015! This allows people to trek on their mountain bikes to routes of differing lengths (anything up to 44 miles.) For more information about this please visit the Exmoor Explorer website. Follow our link to the site where you will see previous photos of the annual event giving you a better idea of the atmosphere created-

Of course you don’t have to join a festival to experience mountain biking in the area. Research some of these routes and this should get you started about where and what you might like to do and see:

* Lynton & the Valley of the Rocks.

* Porlock to Minehead Selworthy Beacon Route.

* Carhampton & Croydon Hill.

Mountain biking is fairly self-explanatory and needs no description or instructions. Be aware however that other people will be sharing this area (walkers, horse riders etc) so take appropriate action and slow your speed where necessary. A good tip is to also abide by the Countryside Code which covers a whole manner of issues.

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The pictures showing the terrain looking lovely, but why not come and see this for yourself?

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