The North Devon Coastline: something for all

We thought it was about time we dedicated a posting to this subject in its own right, even though we have touched on it many times before.

The area which covers the north Devon coastline runs for nearly 40 miles, and provides a home for much wildlife as well as having stunning and spectacular scenery with great views.

One of the main features of the coastline of Exmoor is the degree of shelter which is provided. This in turn allows for sections of “coastal woods” to develop and infact Exmoor has the largest stretch of it in the country. The shelter also provides another factor –a degree of ‘remoteness.’ This means that much of the area is completely natural and unspoilt.

Exmoor has the tallest point of coastline in England (around 1,500 ft,) along with the highest cliff (located at the appropriate “Great Hangman”) which stands at around 800ft.

visiting the coastline of north Devon







Above: Showing what is great about Great Hangman!


Beyond the reasons we have already mentioned, what are the other attracting factors to the Exmoor coastline? Well the answer is plenty, and these include:

* Experiencing some of the highest tides and biggest waves in Europe. Be fascinated by the power of the sea.

* Exploring the famous South West Coast Path which goes to the very heart of this topic.

* Taking a trip on the pure water powered Victorian railway.

* Seeing the numerous coves and hidden beaches which are true wonders and gems of the landscape.

Due to the explained shelter and remoteness of the location, a lot of the places and features of the coastline can be quite difficult to access as you might expect. If you are experienced at such things then this should be a good challenge for you, while boats and boat trips are available if you’d rather play it safe.

The thing with visiting the north Devon coastline is you are not limited by season – you can visit any time and still be in store for a fantastic experience. In the height of summer the sun basks down on the area making it one of the most attractive and tranquil places you could ever want to be. In winter or during a storm the scene changes to one of mood and bleakness which can quickly show why we should never take the land we live on for granted!

Come and stay with us and share your memories and experiences. We guarantee you will have plenty!

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