Shopping around Exmoor

Shopping in Lynton, North Devon

Shopping (whether for food, clothes, gifts or anything else) is a normal and everyday part of life. The same is true if you are away from home or on holiday. Coming to a place like Lynton, North Devon and Exmoor offers something a little different. More different than the predictable main big supermarkets or high streets that many cities have. In this article we explore what shopping really can mean in our area.

Individual farm shops

The beauty of being in a rural area is the abundance of farm shops where you can buy produce from. Many of these farms make organic items these days and its accepted that you really can taste the difference. There is something satisfying about knowing that you are eating something which has been made right where you are.

Farmers markets

Perhaps a ‘step up’ from the above, the area has a range of farmer’s markets across the county. There is a lot more variety of procedure on offer at a market and something to satisfy everyone. We are based in Lynton and the Lynton farmer’s markers runs from 10am to 12:30pm on the 1st Saturday of the month from the town hall.  There are other markets which run on a much more regular basis.

If you are staying with us at Highcliffe House around the start of the month, then do visit the Lynton market and let us know what you think.

Town shopping

If you want some of the more main stream and traditional shops, then you will need to drive into a main town (e.g. somewhere like Exeter.) However local shops in local towns are always nice (and some people think better?) to visit, because they are pillars of the community and offer warm, genuine and authentic service that is not always found in bigger establishments.

Lynmouth has some shops in its town, but these mainly are of a tourist flavour. Lynton, North Devon probably takes the edge and has a better selection for people to visit. There are also a number of art and craft type shops in the area which are worth visiting if you are interested in this kind of thing. You may find any of the local shops useful to find essential supplies or items, take home a souvenir, or discover something new and interesting. Many of the local shops are steeped in history which adds an extra dynamic to the experience.


Shops in Lynton, North Devon









Above: A typical local shop in Lynton, North Devon, that blends with architecture.


Exmoor definitely isn’t Oxford Street, but the community, its welfare and importance is at the heart of all the shops. When you visit you will see this!

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