Where To Visit: Heddon Valley

Heddon Valley is located in the western part of Exmoor and is another place we recommend for a visit. You may not actually know it, but this part of Exmoor was made famous my popular poets who specialised in romantic pieces, and as you can imagine, if you are a couple then this is one of the most perfect places to visit.

Aswell as having a romantic edge about it, the place is popular with another group of people – walkers. A route through this area encompasses a variety of terrain and can start or end with the beautiful beach at Heddon.

The beauty doesn’t stop here either. To the west of Heddon Valley, high sea cliffs give some great views over Combe Martin, while to the East, views of the Bristol Channel can be seen.

The river running through the valley adds to the excellence of the land and this is broken up by stepping stones and bridges which are located along the route. This coupled with vast areas of abundant flowers makes it a truly attractive site and it is easy to see why people would come to visit.

What can you do while visiting here?

There is plenty to keep you entertained and occupied.

At the National Trust site itself, there is a shop which sells gifts and merchandise along with an information centre providing anything useful you may need. The site also has toilets and car park facilities.

* As mentioned above, one of the big pull factors to the area is the landscape which surrounds it and the walks which can be undertaken. A lot of the walks are ‘gentle’ in demand, which is good as near everyone can make the most of this.

* Look out for butterflies.

One of the walks in this area offers you the chance to see a rare butterfly called the High Brown fritillary butterfly. Remember to take your camera with you as you will want to capture the site if you are lucky enough to spot it.

things to do when at heddon valley









Above: One example of the beautiful butterflies which live in the area.

From: https://www.flickr.com/photos/37653067@N05/3737602834/


* Sample some of the local produce.

There is nothing more satisfying and tasty than having local products when you are away in a different area. When you come here, there is certainly plenty to try and this ranges from locally made ice cream to preserved jams and curds.

* Immerse yourself in the history (see below.)

Historical importance.

This site and area does have a lot past importance associated with it. The area was once famous for lime kiln and today remains of that are still present in a process which has not be used for over a century.

Located eastwards of Heddon’s Mouth, what was an Old Roman Fortlet still remains and this can be viewed also.

You may find evidence of the local railway which ran through the area but this has been halted for some time.

terrain at heddon valley







Above: A typical landscape in this area.

From: https://www.flickr.com/photos/43832025@N07/7334868122/

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