Staying in charge at Lynton’s 5 Star Bed & Breakfast

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Staying in charge at Highcliffe | A Devon B&B.

We travel with so many devices these days from phones, tablets to camera etc.  And they’re all rather thirsty for power.  At Highcliffe, we’ve added a few new gadgets to help keep your devices juiced.

Clock Radios

Highcliffe House Lynton B&B USB Charging in Devon

Many of us tend to rely on our phones to wake us up in the morning, but for those that don’t we’ve added new Goodmans DAB clock radios to each room.

These little boxes are great!  Not only do they provide great sounding digital radio, they have additional USB ports in the back. Great for charging your phone or tablet, right by your bed!

Concerned that the display may be too bright? Simply tap the front button to dim the display.

Want to listen to the radio without disturbing anyone? Just plug your headphones in and listen alone. Perfect.

Charging at Highcliffe House

Highcliffe House Lynton B&B USB Charging in Devon

After years of travelling, we know how frustrating it can be when there are not enough sockets in the room, or they’re in the wrong place.  For your convenience we’ve added Charging Stations either by the bed or elsewhere in the room.

These stations have 5 x USB slots and 2 x 3-pin plug sockets – perfect for charging any combination of devices!

Want to check availability at Highcliffe House?
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