A Wet Weather Checklist for Lynton Exmoor

Guest House in Lynton Exmoor North DevonAs you rush in order to pack for your week away along the coast in Lynton Exmoor, it’s possible that you could forget a multitude of things. Some of these items that you will forget are essential for a week of wet weather by the coast; that’s why we’ve created a list for you, your family and your friends to prevent you from forgetting the items that you may need the most.

Your Wellington Boots

Wellington boots are one of the most important items that you could possibly forget; without this particular type of footwear you could find that you are confined to your accommodation or that you ruin your shoes.
If you remember to bring your wellington boots with you there are many places that you can visit, and there are vast areas that you can cover through coastal walks; just remember to keep your feet dry!

A Waterproof Layer

It’s all very well for you to carry around a thick coat that will keep out the wind; but will it keep out the water? It’s important that you bring a lightweight waterproof coat with you so that you can remain warm and dry without becoming too warm; as although Devon often sees showers of rain throughout the summer it can also become humid very quickly.

A Family Umbrella

When the gales begin to blow you may wish for more cover than wellington boots and an overcoat; in this situation you should remember to bring a family sized reinforced umbrella with you. This particular umbrella should come in hand as more people can fit beneath it and the wind is unlikely to break it due to the fact that it’s reinforced.

Spare Clothes

If you plan on venturing out during poor weather it’s wise to bring spare clothes and a towel. Although you may not need the spare clothes if you bring your waterproof boots and overcoat, it’s still better to play it safe than it is to allow yourself to catch a cold. If you prefer to carry your spare clothes with you it would be a wise idea for you to put them in a waterproof bag.

Map & Compass

These items required for exploring the coastal paths or main trails within North Devon and Lynton. If you’d rather explore alone we recommend that you take a map and a compass with you.

There are many things worth remembering when planning on spending a week in Lynton Exmoor. For more advice or ideas contact us at Highcliffe House.