Highcliffe House and gardens are located within the conservation area of the Exmoor National Park.

The unspoilt beauty and diversity of the area are well documented, and there is a great emphasis from the National Park Authority to help it stay that way. 


This house is set in an acre of land (most of it nearly vertical). Half the garden is tended and planted with shrubs and trees for the enjoyment of our guests. If you get a chance to spend some time on the garden deck, the views are incredible. The other half is untended and left to natural woodland and wilderness. It’s a wonderful habitat for birds, squirrels, dormice and foxes.

The wildflowers are plentiful and protected and by the National Park. To help preserve the local ecosystem we’re asked to not cut the grass in the spring until they have died down. We have an area of the garden called the 'Meadow Bank' which is seldom cut allowing the natural vegetation and wildflowers to grow through.  

All local hedgerows are protected and never disturbed until the birds have finished nesting.


Lynton & Lynmouth are without mains gas, so Highcliffe House is installed with grade A & AA high-efficiency oil-fired boilers, which provide hot water and heating.  The house is also on a water meter, so to help conserve energy the heating and hot water are on timers. This is to maximise times when guests are in the house and off when guests are out midday. All rooms have thermostatic controls on the radiators for guest’s comfort and where practical and possible the majority of light fittings now have LED bulbs.


Wherever possible we use local food suppliers for our fresh meat, vegetables and dairy produce.

We hate food waste, especially when over 12% of the world's population is starving and undernourished.  In the UK, we throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink each year, worth approximately £13bn.

We firmly believe that 5-star luxury should not encourage 5-star excess. We ask that our guests pre-order breakfast at Highcliffe House. This allows us to offer a far greater and fresher choice without creating any food waste, this also helps us cut down on waiting time for your hot food. Any fruit which has not been used during breakfast service is preserved by Neal to make his delicious home-made jams and marmalades. 

Leftover food from plates and buffet dishes is disposed of in our weekly food recycling.  Leftover berries and fruit are given to the birds and squirrels.

Bed Linen

Towels are completely changed every 3-days, or sooner, at the discretion of the housekeepers. If you would like your towels changing more regularly, then leave any towels for changing in the bath, shower tray or on the bathroom floor.

Bedding will be completely changed every 3-days, or at the housekeeper's discretion.  If bedding needs changing sooner, please let us know.

Reuse | Reduce | Recycle

Wherever possible all waste is recycled; glass, plastic, newspaper and cardboard. We ask our guests to help us to reduce waste, recycle or reuse as much as possible.

Water Bottles - we have removed all plastic water bottles from guest rooms and it in their place we have provided chilled tap water in reusable glass bottles in the Guest Lounge refrigerator.

Toiletries - we ask that guests please take any partially used toiletries with them to finish using the contents at home.  These handy little bottles could be used on other trips.

Hair & Body Soap Bars - we want to offer our guests the choice of either using the miniature bottles of bathroom products or switching to Friendly Soaps Hair & Body Bars.  These are plastic-free, contain no nasties and are completely vegan.

General Waste - for hygiene reasons we don’t hunt through bedroom bins for items to recycle.  We ask that if guests have any paper, cans or bottles, or anything else that can be recycled they leave it beside the bin, or in the Boot Trays.

Sewing Kits - everyone loves to take the complimentary items - it's part of the experience.  But this has to change and as such we are phasing out these disposable sewing kits with a larger sewing kit that can be replenished as part of our housekeeping process.