Adventures in North Devon

There are many different types of holiday that you can have whilst in North Devon. There’s the camping and canoeing holiday, the relaxing in the restaurant or making the most of our beautiful beaches. However, what about those that are looking for an adventurous day in Devon? If you’re interested in adventures but aren’t sure exactly where you should visit or what you should do, here are our top three adventurous treats that you could take part in whilst in Devon.

Reach Outdoors, Combeinteignhead

This is listed as the #1 adventurous attraction within Devon according to Trip Advisor, and we understand why.

Although Reach Outdoors is based around water sports the group will only take you to a location that they have been to previously and have already deemed to be safe, they will also be on standby at all times to ensure the safety of the participants. You may have wished for an adventurous day in Devon but with Reach Outdoors you are also able to enjoy the company of the group due to the incredibly polite and positive attitudes of the staff.

Ilfracombe Sea Safari, Ilfracombe

If your heart lies with the watery adventures but you aren’t keen on taking part in sporting activities there are plenty of other alternatives. One of these alternatives is the Ilfracombe Sea Safari which allows you to view a wide variety of wildlife including seals, dolphins and many more animals.

Aside from looking at the wildlife there are also a number of other sights to be seen; one of the best sites if the Devon coastline that you will be passing. Ilfracombe Sea Safari provides a number of different tours that you can arrange to take part in, for more information you can contact them through their website.

The Milky Way Adventure Park, Clovelly

The park is based in Clovelly, North Devon. This theme park is perfect for all types of weather. The park has different types of rides and activities available to take part in.

For a perfect and adventurous day in North Devon we recommend The Milky Way Adventure Park; it’s perfect for families and to top it off the staff are also very helpful and extremely polite.

The number of adventures that can be had in Devon is endless. For more information on sights to see, get in touch with us at Highcliffe House.