Damien Hirst Verity

Damien Hirst’s bronze sculpture ‘Verity‘ is located in the seaside town of Ilfracombe. It stands 66 feet tall and will stay for 20 years. The naked pregnant figure stands looking out from Ilfracombe Harbour.  Verity’s sword is held aloft with part of the anatomy exposed and a baby visible in the womb. The name ‘Verity‘, meaning ‘truth’ in Italian represents a ‘modern allegory of truth and justice’ and references hirst’s earlier bronze artwork ‘virgin mother’ from 2005


Damien Hirst Verity

The sculpture was made in over 40 individual castings at Pangolin Editions foundry in Gloucestershire. Verity’s frame is fabricated in a single piece of stainless steel. Bronze parts are cast in pieces using sand moulds then metalworked and reassembled around a steel frame. The entire piece underwent significant wind-tunnel testing in order to ensure it was capable of withstanding the extreme force of high winds and sea spray.

Highcliffe House is just 30-mins drive from Ilfracombe and it’s spectacular harbour.

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