Valley of Rocks

The Valley of Rocks has to be one of the most spectacular places in Exmoor.

Valley of Rocks – dramatic and alluring

The landscape is truly dramatic and looks like the backdrop of a fantasy movie or belongs to some far off planet.

Valley of Rocks Lynton Exmoor

The Valley of Rocks is a dry valley.  It runs parallel to the coast about half a mile west of Lynton. The valley owes its existence to the East Lyn River which now meets the sea at Lynmouth.

There are two public car parks in the valley, adjacent to a tea room and the cricket club. For those not in such a rush, you can start from Lynton by the Valley of Rocks Hotel and follow ‘North Walk’, which forms a coastal path leading to the valley and offering stunning views of Lynmouth Bay and the sea.

The coastal cliffs here are amongst the highest in Britain and provide a real challenge for climbing enthusiasts.

The best thing is, it’s just a 20-30 min walk from Highcliffe House.