Devon’s Best Features

There are lots of Devon’s best features and attractions for visitors and locals to take part in.  If you’re spending the week or even just a weekend in Devon; we know of the best places to go and the finest features that Devon possesses. So for more information on what you should do and see whilst you spend time in Devon, all you have to do is keep reading.


The National Park in Exmoor is one of the largest National Parks within the UK as it covers from Minehead to Combe Martin and the north coast of Devon to the edges of Somerset. The national park is a truly magnificent place with tranquil waterfalls to simple streams that fall away into the distance; there’s nothing like taking a walk through such a splendid place and drinking in the rolling hills, sea cliffs and abundance of wildlife.

The National Park in Exmoor is also incredibly popular due to the fact that it has been marked as a dark sky reserve. If you travel through the National Park at night you will be able to see many astronomical effects and sights that you would usually not be able to see within other parts of the UK due to light pollution. There are a number of group activities and events that focus on stargazing through either the use of a telescope or with the naked eye in this area.


The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Gardens in Rosemoor make for a wonderful day trip; there’s so much to see at these gardens and they are truly something else. If you visit during the Easter break you could find that an egg hunt or scavenger hunt is held within the gardens; as well as many other spring related activities.

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Lynton & Barnstaple

If you’re enthusiastic about steam trains, or possess a slight interest, the railway that runs between Lynton and Barnstaple (Wood Bay Station) may be of interest to you. This particular railway station has received several awards due to the fact that the trains as well as the tracks have been preserved so well and are still in use today; although this is just a heritage rail and does not carry passengers.

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Surfing is a well-known water sport that draws a lot of tourists and locals to the beaches in Woolacombe. The majority of individuals will spend the summer in their wetsuits as they ride the swells. Many people who would like to learn how to surf but do not yet have the skills.  There are a variety of surfing schools that can help get the most out of the surfing experience.

There are many other activities and attractions for you to take part in within Devon.  The best way for you to discover these activities is to explore and experience each of them. For more information on vacations in Devon with regards to accommodation and events you can contact us at Highcliffe House.