Explore the Exmoor National Park

Highcliffe house is situated in a beautiful location within Exmoor National Park. The views are breath-taking. You are surrounded by an array of colours and beautiful scenery. Within the landscape surrounding you is an abundance of wildlife and unique species of bird. There are places nearby where you can walk in the countryside and spot a variety of birds, mammals or insects.

There are a variety of different habitats to explore which increases the range of species you are likely to see.

A welcome site may be the Exmoor Ponies. This equine species roam free around Exmoor and adds to the interest and characteristic of the area. Common to the area are stonechats. These small robin like birds are often found in southern regions. Stonechats like coastal areas and bushes which provide a good amount of foliage.

Coastal areas

You could start with a day exploring the coastal regions. Here you may be interested in the sea life, such as anemones, Crabs, fish, sea snails. If you take a look on the shore and in rock pools there is an abundance of life to be spotted. You can also spot sea birds which you will not find far inland and species which like to live amongst the cliffs. Oystercatchers, razorbills and cormorants are sea birds which you have a chance of seeing. If you look up to the cliffs you could see or hear one of a number of birds which nest in the safety of the rocks such as kittiwakes or Fulmars.


There are areas of forest which not only give you another unique type of landscape to walk but another area with different species of wildlife which like to only live amongst the trees. Some parts of the woodland even extend down as far as the coast, which is quite a unique. The area contains ancient woodland which was established for at least 400 years

Within areas of forest you will find different types of tree. Each type will home varying bird species. For example coniferous trees keep their leaves all year round. This means a continuing supply of foliage and coverage for birds to hide in. You may see Goldcrests or Siskins in these sorts of trees. Other birds you may also see in the woodland areas are Woodpeckers and Owls and pied flycatchers.


You can enjoy a pleasant walk by the river, and may again encounter new sights and tree species. Nearby you will find the East and West Lyn rivers, which split off from an estuary by the sea. Dragonflies will be a common sight in the summer, as will common river species of fish such as Salmon and Sea Trout. You may well get to see a kingfisher catching fish or a Grey Wagtail. There are also reservoirs which will again attract a greater variety of species due to the calm waters.

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