The Season of Sun - Summer in Devon

Summer is one of the best times of year that you could possible visit Devon due to the warm weather, the beautiful sunshine and the amount of wildlife that awakens at this time of year. With the sun shining brightly and plenty of summer activities for you to take part in – what more could you ask for?


Summer Festivals
Most of us already know of these festivals, but some of you may still be surprised to hear that throughout summer Devon is famous for its food festivals.

Many local stores and markets will present their wares and attempt to interest you in the local produce; the majority of this will be traditional Devon cheeses, cider and cakes as these are the items that Devon is famous for.

However, during June crabs will become incredibly popular and many restaurants will use them as a special on their menus or invent new flavourful recipes to attract tourists.

One of the renowned festivals is the flavour fest in Plymouth; there are so many different types of food and drink often sold by the individuals that either grew, brewed or raised it.

English Riviera
If you’re one to make the most of the summer sun you may wish to take a stroll along the English Riviera, go for a coastal walk or join the beginners at the surf school. Not only is this area steeped in history with many interesting tales being told of the area, but it’s also incredibly beautiful and offers some magnificent views.

There are also many areas in which you can visit along the English Riviera where you can spend the day out with your partner or your family; the nightlife within this area of Devon is also remarkable as there is plenty to see, do or take part in each evening – from a quiet meal for two to a night out on the town.

Wildlife Watch
Throughout the summer months Devon takes on a completely different quality; even the air appears alive as it shimmers with the heat and the insects float aimlessly by.

However, it’s unlikely that you would come to Devon to get a closer look at common insects; instead we recommend that you visit an area such as the Geopark to see a variety of animals in their natural habitat.

However there are also a number of zoos available for you to visit during the summer and they also stay open much later than they would the rest of the year; this is perfect if you wish to see more exotic species whilst away on your holiday.

There are many other things for you to see and do whilst you are in Devon during the summer; for more information on attractions, accommodation and local events you can get in touch with us at Highcliffe House. We would be delighted to hear from you and will endeavour to help in any way that we can.