Your Checklist for a Weekend Away


Planning a weekend away isn't the simplest of tasks; there are many things that could be forgotten and the majority of your checklist will depend upon where you are travelling to, the length of your stay and the environment in which you will spend your weekend away in; not to mention the activities and adventures that you may embark upon whilst away from home. However, at Highcliffe House we have considered all possibilities and have provided you with the 5 important items that you are likely to forget whilst on a weekend away in Devon.

Wellington Boots
Due to the fact that Devon is based around the coast and much of our weather is affected by the tides it would be wise for you to bring a pair of sturdy walking boots or wellingtons with you. The weather can turn very quickly if you stay close to the sea and storms are not uncommon during the warmer weather.
Not only will wellington boots keep your feet dry, they will also prevent you from ruining the shoes that you would usually wear each day.

A Wetsuit
Devon is a beautiful place with miles of coast that can be explored by foot, boat and also by board. There are many surf schools within Devon and plenty of areas in which you can take lessons and begin to learn how to ride the waves; however none of this is possible if you do not possess a wet suit.
There are a multitude of stores and shops in Devon that will sell wetsuits; but it is often cheaper for you to purchase one before you begin your weekend away.

A Camera
Many people don't consider the sights that await them in Devon; they focus only on the activities that they may take part in. However, there are so many sights to be seen and unique places of history and culture within Devon it's important that you bring your camera or a phone with a good camera so that you can document your travels through this beautiful region.

A Coat (Waterproof)
As with the wellington boots, many people bring coats with them during their stay in Devon, but many people forget that the coat should be waterproof. Due to the strong winds as the tide rises and recedes an umbrella is of little use during stormier weather.
A waterproof coat will not only prevent you from catching a chill if the weather should turn sour but it will also lift your spirits due to the fact that you are kept warm and dry.

A Map
If you're one for walking and enjoy the outdoors more than watching the world go by from a window; you may wish to purchase a map of Devon. If you have a map it is incredibly difficult for you to get lost or stray too far from civilisation or safety. If you keep the map on you as you go on your coastal walks or a drive along the coast you will always be able to find your way back.

There are many other items that are often forgotten when considering a weekend away in Devon or near the coast; but with a checklist such as this you should remember everything you need to enjoy a weekend away.

For more information on Devon, local attractions or accommodation you can get in touch with us at Highcliffe House.