Our Top Three Surf Spots for the Experienced

Last month we brought to you the top three surf spots for beginners to practice in, but we thought that the more experienced surfers amongst you may feel a little left out. It’s due to this that we’ve decided to bring to you our favourite three surf spots for the experienced or talented surfers.

#3 – Morte Point
Morte Point offers one of the most dramatic views in the whole of the Devon coastline; with its jagged cliffs that seem to pierce the sky and beautiful sandy bays that entice passing tourists. Morte Point is well known by the locals as a place where treacherous waters turn boats to wrecks amongst the rocks and smugglers were in abundance. It was only in 1879 that the Bull Point lighthouse was built after a large number of local merchants and ship-owners complained about the danger that the rocks and the smugglers posed.

Morte Point is #3 on our list of surf spots for the experienced and most talented surfers as the breaks are between good and average quality and as previously mentioned, the waters can be quite dangerous. The sharp rocks and reef area increase the potential danger of the water – so remain cautious when surfing in this area.

#2 – Fremington Quay
Fremington Quay used to be an important place for the import and export of ball clay and the import of coal. It was during the early mid-twentieth century that  Fremington Quay was one of the largest and most active ports between Lands End and Bristol; however, the port has now been redeveloped and a variety of restaurants, public spaces and facilities have been made available.

Fremington Quay is #2 on our list of surf spots for the experienced and talented surfers as the wave breaks are not very frequent but they are of a very high quality. This particular surf spot is at the base of a river mouth which increases the quality of the break and the size of the waves.

#1 – Down End Point
Down end point is most famous for its rock formations and recent discoveries. Four male bodies were identified during the late 1990s and were believed to have been fisherman from as early as the 16th or 17th century. Some of the artefacts that were found with the fisherman include pewter buttons and fishing boots; this leads us to believe that the fisherman were quite wealthy as they were able to afford buttons made of pewter.

Down End Point has been placed at #1 on our list of the best surf spots for the talented and experienced surfers as the waves are of a world class/excellent quality and break quite often. This spot is also a point break which ensures the frequency and consistency of the breaks.

There are a wide range of surf spots within Devon and many of them are almost as beautiful as the three that we have listed here. Remember to always remain cautious of the current when you are surfing and keep an eye out for coral or sharp rocks. If you are not a strong swimmer or are not confident in your ability to swim we suggest that you stick to the best surf spots for beginners. For more information on activities and accommodation in Devon you can get in touch with us at Highcliffe House for our expert advice.