Lynton to Lee Bay

A leisurely walk to the beautiful Lee Bay.

Not many people take the chance to do this walk, but I promise you it’s stunning. Start by walking towards the Valley of Rocks, but veer off before you get there.  The start of this walk is moderately steep through a leafy wood.  Once you reach the top of Southcliffe you will see the whole of the Valley of Rocks and Hollerday Hill before you. 

Walk along the ridge of Southcliffe along the valley until you begin to descend into Six Acre Wood just after the Lee Abbey Christian Retreat.  You can meander through the woods or simply head straight to Lee Bay via the bridle path.  Either way, head to the Lee Bay Car Park then follow the narrow gated road down to the shore. 

Return via the main road past the Abbey, then along the South West Coastal Path towards Lynton.  At this point you can explore the valley floor, castle rock or walk up Hollerday Hill then back to Lynton.

Things to know …

  • Cafes; Lee Abbey Tea Rooms and Mother Meldrums (Seasonal)
  • Medium walk (2+ Hours)
  • Highest point in the Valley of Rocks
  • Starts just 10-mins walk from Highcliffe House
  • Public Toilets at Lee Bay near the Car Park
  • Can paddle or swim in Lee Bay or Wringcliff Bay
  • Includes Valley of Rocks Coastal path on the way back, or alternatively on the way there instead of Southcliffe.
  • Can be included in a walk to Hunter’s Inn / Heddon’s Mouth