Lynbridge to Lynmouth

Lynmouth from Summerhouse Hill, via Lynbridge | Highcliffe House | North Devon B&B

Lynbridge to Lynmouth, via Summerhouse Hill

Approx: 1hr 45 mins |

A long leafy walk to Lynmouth via Summerhouse Hill.

After leaving Highcliffe House take the first right onto Lyn Way towards Lynbridge.  Lyn Way is located just below Highcliffe’s driveway on Sinai Hill. It is signposted to Sinai House and Summerhouse Hill. Carry on along the footpath to the end which will come out by a pub called the Cottage Inn.

Walk down into the car park just passed the pub and cross the bridge over the West Lyn River. Continue to the left following the wooded walk around and up the hillside with the river now to your right. At the top around the headland and follow the stone wall until the path divides.

Take the left-hand fork, which gradually drops down into Lynmouth.

It should be noted that the walk to the top of Summerhouse Hill can be steep in places.  The walk down from the top to Lynmouth is rather steep – watch your knees.

If you carry on, instead of taking the left-hand fork, you can head towards Watersmeet.

Getting back to Highcliffe House

  1. Walk back up the ‘zig zag’ path – remembering how steep it is
  2. Take the Cliff Railway from Lynmouth to Lynton
  3. Walk back up the main Lynmouth Hill road.  This is not the best of walks and can be dangerous as there are no footpaths.
  4. Call one of Lynton’s taxis