Lynton to Lynbridge

A short leafy walk from Lynton to Lynbridge

Approx: 15 mins |

The best way to get to the Cottage Inn/Thai Kitchen from Highcliffe House.

After leaving Highcliffe House take the first right onto Lyn Way.  Lyn Way is located just below Highcliffe’s driveway on Sinai Hill. It is signposted to Sinai House and Summerhouse Hill. Carry on along the footpath to the end which will come out by a pub called the Cottage Inn.


This walk is perfect if you want a stream-side drink or evening meal at the Nartnapa Thai Kitchen which serves delicious Thai food in the evenings.  They also serve exceptional Sunday lunches.

Returning to Highcliffe House;

  1. You can walk back along Lyn Way
  2. Walk to Lynton by turning left onto Lynbridge Road. At the fork in the road take the left road back up into Lynton, along Castle Hill Road. Pass the Lower Meadow Car Park on the left and take the next left past the Library and at the tee junction turn left up Sinai Hill

A longer walk

You can make this walk much longer. Walk down the driveway of the Cottage Inn and cross the footbridge over the stream. This is Summerhouse Hill and from here you can walk to the summit of Summerhouse.  It can lead you to Lynmouth or Watersmeet.