Lynton to Lynmouth – a classic walk

Lynton to Lynmouth - a classic walk from Highcliffe HouseLynton to Lynmouth

A classic walk from Lynton to Lynmouth via the ‘zig zag’ path, or Poets Walk.

Time: 10-15 mins

Walking to Lynmouth, after leaving Highcliffe House. Follow Sinai Hill to the bottom then walk past the Vanilla Pod cafe.  Follow the pedestrian road up towards the Valley of Rocks Hotel.

Cross the road and take the narrow road between St Mary’s Church and the Valley of Rocks Hotel.  This is called North Walk. Keep walking and where the road branches, take a right turn then first left.

Check out the little folk along the way and take time to read some of the poems as you go.

There are plenty of signs to help guide you.

This is a very steep walk and can talk its toll on your knees.  It can also be rather slippery when it’s wet so wear sturdy shoes.

Getting back to Highcliffe House

After exploring the quaint harbour or the streams of Watersmeet you can return to Highcliffe in a few ways.

  1. Walk back up the ‘zig zag’ path – remembering how steep it is
  2. Take the Cliff Railway from Lynmouth to Lynton
  3. Walk back up the main Lynmouth Hill road.  This is not the best of walks and can be dangerous as there are no footpaths.
  4. Call one of Lynton’s taxis