Valley of Rocks

The No.1 short walk in Lynton, along the cliff edge with stunning views.

Approx: 60 mins |

After leaving Highcliffe House, follow Sinai Hill to the bottom then walk past the Vanilla Pod cafe.  Follow the pedestrian road up towards the Valley of Rocks Hotel.

Cross the road and take the narrow road between St Mary’s Church and the Valley of Rocks Hotel.  This is called North Walk.

Keep following North Walk in front of the various hotels (North Walk, Chough’s Nest).  This path is tarmac all the way to the Valley of Rocks making it an easy walk.  It is not steep, but there are some slight slopes.  This is a cliff walk with sheer drops to the sea.

Keep walking until you reach a fork in the path.  Both of these paths will take you into the Valley of Rocks, so choose either.

Lower Path – this is more dramatic and still follows the cliff edge.  It will bring you to the bottom of Chimney Rock.

Upper Path – this will take you away from the cliff edge and bring you further into the valley, looking down into, and along the valley.

The return to Highcliffe House can be varied either by;

  1. Via the tarmac road, leading to Lee Road which will bring you into Lynton town, past the Candle Shop
  2. Back the way you came, taking in the views of Foreland Point
  3. Via Hollerday Hill.  This is a much longer, steeper walk but very rewarding.  There is an alternative cliff top path which is higher up than the North Walk path.