A place to visit: Arlington Court

the view at arlington courtArlington Court

Continuing our series of posts on looking at what Exmoor has to offer and what you may like to do when you come and stay with us, today we explore the National Trust property that is Arlington Court.

Arlington Court is located near Barnstaple and is a grand style house which is open to the public to view. At the time of writing, free parking is available with fairly easy access to the site. Arlington is open all year round, but operates a much shorter timetable in the winter (normally weekends only.) The grounds are open from dawn to dusk any time of year to come and view.


The house dates back to the 19th century and has become a family estate which is owned by the Chichester family for half a millennium! Despite its ‘old foundations’ large, state like and traditional rooms await, ready for visitors to view and absorb a good atmosphere. The rooms really are a site to see and give you an idea of what it might be like to live the high life or in some kind of estate mansion. For an escape from the normal, this is certainly the answer.

arlington court period stylePeriod Luxury

As the picture below shows, if you’re looking for period luxury, you sure will have found it here.

Within the grounds also sits the Carriage Museum which impressively has a form of transport available. Inside you will find examples of royalty where things like carriages await you. The below gives you insight into some of the offering.

arlington courts' museum.As the image from earlier shows, the grounds and scenery are the other attraction factor to this place. The plot compromises of a massive 20 miles of footpaths for walking. Along the way take in some amazing sites. The reward will be well worth it.) You would think that with this vast landscape, a lot of wildlife must occur – this is indeed the case, and is all open for you to view (just be careful in sensitive areas.)

If you fancy eating then the tea rooms offer a wide selection of food. Shopping is also an option here, where you can pick something you fancy or just buy a souvenir and merchandise.

During the summer months, themed weeks or features are often running.  This adds extra chance to learn, try or see new things.

While on the subject of ‘grand’ and ‘unique’ why not take a look at our bedrooms page, to view each of our high quality and beautifully decorated abodes?

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