Visiting Dunster Castle

In this article we look at another feature of our local area, and one that is popular when people come to visit.

An interest in history helps when visiting a castle but it is not an obligatory requirement. Anyone can appreciate what is before their eyes when visiting a location as old as this. Lots of things don’t stand the test of time these days, so it’s important that those which do are recognised and given special attention.

Dunster Castle - exploring the site

As the picture above suggests there is more to the castle that just its obvious feature. The location and views of the castle are stunning.  This is partly thanks to fact that it stands on a wooded hill amongst a beautiful, green and peaceful landscape. The location also helps greatly with the near and far views that the castle has to offer. Places including the Exmoor Moors or the Bristol Channel can be seen from here.

The castle has been a standing feature since at least the 12th century – this proves that it really has stood the test of time! The purpose of the castle has not surprisingly changed over the centuries and in the last few hundreds of years has become more of a stalely home. The Luttrell family have had the benefit of enjoying this place for a long time. Some of the main features of the castle include its tower which back in the day suffered extensive damage. There is also a medieval style gatehouse which is a great piece to see.

Inside Features

Inside the castle is a true gem and it must be seen to be really appreciated.

* The staircase. This is a must and is typical of any grand place. It was installed in 1680 and every panel is made from just a single piece of elm.

* The library. Similar to the staircase, there has been a library present at the castle since the 1600’s.  Its most ‘recent’ design dates back to the late 1800’s. You can get a real feel for the atmosphere in a room like this.

* When you are visiting not only can you see but you can also take part to some extent aswell. You can sit in the castles ‘morning room’ to read the papers or relax just like you really are lord or lady of the manor. Maybe you want to find out more about the ‘secret passage’ and have a peep into this?

There are plenty of facilities on the site so if you fancy a souvenir or some refreshments during your visit, then you can make sure the memories don’t fade, or you won’t go hungry and thirsty!

Some people always like to arrive at a place in style. During the summer period you can ride the Dunster Castle express and do just that! Running from April to the start of November, a steam train ride can be taken, where you can make your travelling back in time experience really complete.

This is well worth a visit and we invite you to come and have a look! Read more about Dunster Castle here.

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