Winter in Exmoor

Winter in Exmoor

Christmas seems like years ago and it is still a long time to the next main Bank Holiday of Easter. By now you are probably getting fed up with the dark winter nights and thinking that a break or trip away – anywhere – will do.

Coming to Exmoor in winter might not be your immediate idea of time away, but in this posting we will give you a flavour of some of the events planned in the coming few weeks. You will soon find that Exmoor has more to offer you in the middle of winter than you might actually realise!

Before all that…

…lets just focus on the area. One of the beauties of living in the UK – a temperate climate – is having the seasons, and they variety they bring. A landscape radically changes from summer to winter and the splendour of all seasons should be savoured.

Exmoor is no exception to this, and is really worth taking in the experience. Abundant trees coated with frost and snow, or mist on the moors – which is your choice of a typical Exmoor scene? In addition there is plenty of transient wildlife visiting the area at this time of year, which you wouldn’t normally see during the summer (such as starlings.)

visiting Exmoor in winter time








Above: In the bleak mid-winter at Exmoor.

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The main events

If the above wasn’t enough to tempt you then have a look at some of the things that are coming up.

* Snowdrop Valley.

As the name suggests this is a festival all about snowdrops, and if previous years are to go by, there will be countless numbers to see. This event has been running since the late 1990s and showcases this year between 30th January and 28th February.

* The Lynmouth Pavilion.

This is open all year round and so makes it an ideal venue for escaping the worst of the winter weather by heading indoors. This is a lottery funded project which has been running for around 3 years now and is currently open to the public from 10am to 5pm daily running many different events.

* The early spring trail.

This takes place at Arlington Court

The free event allows you to walk around venue taking in all the early spring sites. A great chance to look forward to the longer and brighter days ahead.

As you can see, there is always plenty to keep you occupied when coming to Exmoor and the Lynton / Lynmouth area – even in winter. Why not come and be part of these events for yourself?

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