Walking holiday in North Devon

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Lynton and Lynmouth are considered the walking holiday capital of Exmoor due to the fact that there are so many coastal paths for you to choose from and trails that lead through the surrounding countryside. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that so many people choose to walk through this beautiful region within Devon as it’s surrounded by the Exmoor National Park and acres of uninterrupted countryside. There are so many different trails that you could try within North Devon; this isn’t an opportunity that you, your partner or your friends and family should miss.

#1 Lynton Valley of Rocks

The first path is a particular easy route as it is less than three miles in total length. This route is named Lynton and the Valley of Rocks due to the fact that the terrain gives views of splendid rock formations; however the terrain itself is fairly level and provides you with a smooth easy route to traverse. If you decide to take this route you may wish to take a camera with you due to the rock formation and the small herds of feral goats that you will see amongst the rocks and countryside.

#2 Countisbury Figure of Eight

The Countisbury Figure of Eight walk is a moderate circular walk that is approximately 3 miles in total length; the terrain on this route is a little more difficult to walk upon and there are a few small hills along the route. However, if you take this path you can avoid having to wade through a deep river, although you will be given the opportunity to walk through the bottom of a deep Devon coombe.
Along this route there is also an ancient woodland and one of the most important Iron Age forts within Devon.

#3 Hollerday Hill

The Hollerday Hill walk is another fairly short walk that has a total length of approximately 3.1 miles; this is another circular route that will bring you back to Lynmouth at the end of the journey.
This is another walk that gives you views of an amazing landscape filled with rock formations, castles that were said to be inhabited by witches as well as a mass of woodland and a burned down mansion.

#4 Watersmeet

One of our more difficult circuits includes Watersmeet and the Cleaves. This route is also circular but lasts for approximately 5 miles in total; the route begins in Lynmouth and ends where it started, in Lynmouth.
If you follow this path you will have the opportunity to walk through both Bonnicott Wood, Wester Wood and Homer’s Neck Wood; you can also glimpse the Bristol Channel on this walk and Myrtleberry Wood. If the trees themselves do not interest you the number of rare plants on this trail may.

There are many other routes within Devon. It’s important that you choose a route that you will be able to complete. It can be difficult to get a taxi back if you become too fatigued to continue your journey. We would also recommend that you carry a means of communication in case you become separated from the trail or civilisation whilst on your journey.

For more information on your walking holiday in the Lynton and Lynmouth area you can contact us at Highcliffe House.